Prowler Sneak Boat Series

Prowler Sneak


The Prowler is a completely new hull designed to take advantage of new small horse power surface drive motors and small outboards. Our Prowler hull is a .090 5052 all welded hull, with a .063 all welded sneak boat cockpit.  This Prowler hull is extremely stable, stout, and durable.

The Prowler hull is designed to carry a load without losing performance (up to 18 mph with two to three adults and a 10-12 hp motor and up to 25 mph with one person). The balance and rake of the Prowler hull is designed to run fast and shallow, while handling safely in the roughest conditions. We ran a 1436 with just a 12 hp motor, two 200lb + men in a 40 mph wind with 3+ foot rollers on Sturgeon Bay and never put water on the nose. Prowler hulls have been sent all over the country all over the country: from Maine to Florida, Washington to Texas, Central Canada to Louisiana, and they have been a hit everywhere we send them. Our customers say it is the best small true hunting boat they have ever owned and they are continually amazed at where they can go with these little rigs. The best part – they won’t empty out your bank account.

The Prowler is the ideal boat for small rivers, inland marshes, and lakes; while still being stable enough to run the big waters safely. The low profile of the Prowler makes it easy to hide. Its light weight makes it easy to pull right up to the shore or into heavy cover in less then ½” of water. Available in 12, 14, 15 and 16 foot lengths, the Prowler has a 36” wide bottom, 48” maximum beam and 34” cockpit width.

Each Prowler comes with integrated side steps, one movable drop in seat, Full Coast Guard Approved Floatation, Phowler Gator Grip paint finish on floor, deck and seats, and OD Green paint. You can customize your Prowler to meet your specific needs. Additional options include custom camo paint, extra drop-in seats, running lights, switch panel, 12 volt plug, grass webbing, layout/travel covers, custom blinds, extra anchor cleats and handles, and much, much more.  Add a Copperhead 6.5, 12 hp, 18 hp or 23 hp Surface Drive or a 6, 9.9, 15 hp or 20 hp Suzuki outboard, a small trailer, and you are ready to hit the water.

New Prowler Sneak Boat Standard Features:

  • .090 – 5052 grade one piece hull
  • .063 5052 upper walls/cockpit
  • One movable drop in bench seat
  • 16″ motor mount
  • Fully welded water tight cockpit
  • Standard OD green finish with Gator Grip Paint
  • Full Coast Guard Approved Flotation

The Prowler is the perfect rig for the hunter who wants to travel light, hide easy and get to the X where bigger heavier boats would be stopped in their tracks.


2013 Prowler Sneak Boat Pricing

Boat Boat Size Boat Price
1236 12X36 $3750 plus shipping
1436 14X36 $4000 plus shipping
1536 15X36 $4150 plus shipping
1636 16X36 $4250 plus shipping

» Click here for a complete list of available accessories/options

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