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Phowler Boat Company is known for building the toughest boats on or off the water. We think you deserve a blind that is built to last as long as the boat it sits on.

That’s why we are proud to introduce the Total Concealment Blind System (TCBS).

This line of Custom Removable Hard and Soft Blinds provides the ultimate in concealment. Our see-through cage tops and overhead covers provide 360 degrees of viewing without sacrificing concealment from wary birds. Add the optional rain fly and rear curtains and you have a weather tight system for those sleep-out areas where being there early is the difference between getting on the X or just watching the shoot. Choose our fully loaded TCBS Extreme, TCBS Light Marsh Blind, TCBS 2 ‘N 1 Layout/Pop-up Combo, or our TCBS SuperFly and Superfly Light Pop-Up Blinds.

No “blinds in a box” here. Each TCBS Blind is custom fit to your boat and your hunting needs. Available in removable or permanent configurations, a Phowler TCBS blind will provide you with a lifetime of hunting enjoyment. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from and are more then willing to work with you to design custom options specific to your wants and needs.

Advantages of the Phowler TCBS Blind:

  • Solid, yet lightweight all aluminum and Cordura construction
  • VHB/Sealant “Quiet Panel” construction on all aluminum skinning
  • Aerodynamic to reduce wind drag and performance loss
  • 360 Degree viewing with overhead concealment
  • Fast, easy setup to start hunting
  • Self-stowing overhead cover, no lids to take on/off in the boat
  • Sealed gunnel gasket on hard blinds to keep water out on those rough rides
  • Fully open design, no bracing or supports to walk around
  • Integrated bow decoy storage
  • Multiple dog working positions and dog door options
  • Fully customizable interior options
  • Price, price, price – Compare our blind package to any custom builder out there, you will see that you get more standard and more for your money with a Phowler TCBS Custom Blind

We offer four different types of custom blinds:


1. TCBS Extreme

Extreme Basic Blind

» Retail Cost Sheet (PDF)

2. TCBS Light Marsh Blind

Light Marsh Blind

» Retail Cost Sheet (PDF)


3. TCBS 2 ‘N 1 Layout/Pop-up Combo

» Retail Cost Sheet (PDF)


4. TCBS SuperFly and Superfly Light Pop-Up Blinds

Phowler TCBS – Flyaway Guide Hard Blind

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